The Story

“With this film I’ve sought to create an eccentric comedy drama, which is both artistically engaging and accessible; thought-provoking and entertaining”, says writer/director Stephen Sinclair. “It’s the kind of movie I would like to go and see”.

“Since the film encompasses comedy, drama, and lyricism, an eclectic approach to camera-work was needed”, continues Sinclair. “Thus comedic sequences were shot for pace and timing, the dramatic for emotional weight, while the lyrical sequences demanded great attention to light and composition.”

Russian Snark portrays the inner life of a filmmaker, and his relationship with others and with his work”, says Sinclair. “Is this guy impressive or appalling? Well, he’s both. I have tried to maintain a balance between humour and drama, and in Misha’s film, sequences that have genuine artistic merit – so that the audience can share my ambivalence.”

“Similarly I did not want to create a story which concentrated solely upon the artist. Nadia, Misha’s wife, has a prominent role in the story, and for many could be a more sympathetic character than Misha.”

Shot in and around Auckland, ‘Russian Snark’ was a labour of love for the cast and crew, which also included Producer Liz DiFiore, Director of Photography - Stephen Latty, Production Designer - Lyn Bergquist and Costume Designer - Cathy Pope