Brussels: sprouts Kiwi winners

Brussels: sprouts Kiwi winnersScreen Hub
Wednesday 9 November, 2011
Brussels hosts a selection of film festivals, many with confusingly similar acronyms, but FIFI is easy to remember, and the Festival Internationale du Film Independent de Bruxelles offered a NZ focus this time around.The festival screens features in international and domestic competitions and an international short film competition.Three Kiwi features were selected in the international feature competition with two coming away with cash prizes, awarded in the currently volatile Euro. Michael Bennett`s Matariki and Jason Stutter`s Predicament flew the flag, with , Stephen Sinclair`s Russian Snark a late addition to the competition programme.Roseanne Liang`s My Wedding and Other Secrets screened out of competition. UK-based actress Celeste Wong, who played Melanie in the film, attended as a guest of the fest.

Russian Snark took away the Best Film gong.

Matariki won two prizes. Michael Bennett took Best Director while Best Actor went to Iaheto Ah Hi, from whose one-man show Tautai the film was developed.

In the shorts department, five Kiwi films screened: Stephen Kang`s Blue, Tammy Davis` Ebony Society, Kirsten Green`s Hauraki, Welby Ings` Muntedand Alan Dickson`s Preferably Blue. All bar one are currently screening here as part of Show Me Shorts (Ing`s being odd man out).

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Screenings in NZ

Well screenings in NZ have nearly finished and we are looking at the next step which is the DVD release. The lovely Andrew Ashton is working on the cover which we are sure will be stinking hot when he finishes with it!  If you know anyone who would like to sell DVD’s on our behalf, let us know!

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37 Degrees South

In Melbourne meeting sales agents and distributers. We had a good screening of Russian Snark and are hoping for a pick up of our film. Interest from several parties however in Stephen’s next film project so will keep you posted about that over the next few months.


Global exploitation of our film is off to a roaring start, with its screening this Friday at the Melbourne Film Festival’s 37 Degrees South Film Market. We’re the only Kiwi film to be chosen as one of the Breakthru Screenings, which will be attended by sales agents and distributors from all over. I wouldn’t mind being there myself, but it’s really more of a producer’s playground than a writer/director’s. Besides, I’m rehearsing my play Intimacies, which is going on at the Victoria Theatre in Devonport in early August, so I’ll have to leave the horse trading to Liz, who is off to Oz tomorrow. Sock it ‘em, Liz!


Quick Quotes from Russian Snark reviews

RUSSIAN SNARK – Excerpted from reviews below:


**** “A beautiful, touchingly drawn Kiwi film about Russian immigrants in Auckland. Russian Snark is a strange but delightful beast., well worth hunting out.” Sunday Star Times.


**** “A wee gem. (It) made me do something no New Zealand-made feature has since Boy: the next day, I went and saw it again.” The Dominion Post.


**** “Great entertainment … Sinclair is a winner. A fascinating exploration of cinema art.” The Waikato Times.


“Wonderful … charming … a beautiful, beautiful  film.” Kiwi FM.


“Humour, whimsy and visual beauty turn Russian Snark from a typical migrant tale into something near-poetic.” NZ Listener.


“A little gem … deserves to be a hit. Ideal festival fare – independent, arty, challenging and ultimately very rewarding.” The G.B. Weekly.


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Off to Melbourne for 37 Degrees South – Film Market in conjunction with the Melbourne International Film Festival

We are heading to Melbourne! We have been confirmed for the 37 Degree South Break Thru Screenings and are very excited about the possibility of getting an international sales agent and potentially an Australian distributer for our film.  The market is geared to assist Australian and NZ producers in making contact with the wider world, and so attracts buyers looking for antipodean projects both in the script stage and the finished stage like Russian Snark. As one of only 7 films screening in the Break Thru screenings we hope this wil indeed be a break through for us!  Will keep you posted as things progress on that front!


We have a had a great theatrical run at over 28 cinemas around NZ and garnered lots of critical acclaim in the process…looking forward to the next step!

Rainy old Auckland

Looking forward to a walk down Ponsonby Road tomorrow doing a flyer drop off.  Monday all of the screening times for the first week will be posted  on line.  Looks like June 16th will get sold out in Auckland.  Get in quick guys if you want to catch the Q & A!  If you want to help drop of flyers in your area, let me know!

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Russian Snark Flyers arrived today!

Today the hotest looking flyers on the planet arrived!

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Russian Snark Poster Gonged


Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the comments on ne if our earlier Russian Snark Posters. It gets a grade A!

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