Quick Quotes from Russian Snark reviews

RUSSIAN SNARK – Excerpted from reviews below:


**** “A beautiful, touchingly drawn Kiwi film about Russian immigrants in Auckland. Russian Snark is a strange but delightful beast., well worth hunting out.” Sunday Star Times.


**** “A wee gem. (It) made me do something no New Zealand-made feature has since Boy: the next day, I went and saw it again.” The Dominion Post.


**** “Great entertainment … Sinclair is a winner. A fascinating exploration of cinema art.” The Waikato Times.


“Wonderful … charming … a beautiful, beautiful  film.” Kiwi FM.


“Humour, whimsy and visual beauty turn Russian Snark from a typical migrant tale into something near-poetic.” NZ Listener.


“A little gem … deserves to be a hit. Ideal festival fare – independent, arty, challenging and ultimately very rewarding.” The G.B. Weekly.


Published July 19th, 2011 at 12:53 pm

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