NZ Film, Food and Wine Showcased in Brussels at the 38th Annual Brussels International Film Festival

“The New Zealand Ambassador will officially open the International Film Festival on Tuesday 1 November and this will be followed by a special screening of the New Zealand film Predicament by Jason Sutter (based on Ronald Hugh Morrieson’s novel). The official reception will showcase New Zealand wine and cuisine, with Rebecca Woodmore, the noted New Zealand soprano performing a number of waiata (Maori songs).

Two other New Zealand films will be shown during the Festival. My Wedding and Other Secrets by Roseanne Liang is a comedy which explores the challenges of cross-cultural relationship, with a specific focus on the experience of Chinese-New Zealanders. The third film, Matariki by Michael Bennett, is a fascinating portrayal of a community in the South Pacific and examines the importance of traditional Maori values. The fourth film, Russian Snark by Stephen Sinclair is the story of a Russian film maker Misha who leaves his country on board a small ship to go to New Zealand where he experiences the same difficulties to defend his ideas.”

Russian Snark to screen in St Tropez in October

Off to Melbourne for 37 Degrees South – Film Market in conjunction with the Melbourne International Film Festival

We are heading to Melbourne! We have been confirmed for the 37 Degree South Break Thru Screenings and are very excited about the possibility of getting an international sales agent and potentially an Australian distributer for our film.  The market is geared to assist Australian and NZ producers in making contact with the wider world, and so attracts buyers looking for antipodean projects both in the script stage and the finished stage like Russian Snark. As one of only 7 films screening in the Break Thru screenings we hope this wil indeed be a break through for us!  Will keep you posted as things progress on that front!


We have a had a great theatrical run at over 28 cinemas around NZ and garnered lots of critical acclaim in the process…looking forward to the next step!

Maverick Movie Awards

Exciting news for Russian Snark at the Maverick Movie Awards in the USA. Stephen was nominated for Best Actor, and Elena was up against Joan Rivers as Best Supporting Actress!

The Maverick is an interesting stop on the film festival circuit, celebrating great storytelling, filmmaking craft, and cinematic style and championing all movie genres and filmmaking forms from screwball comedies to experimental video art. The stated goal is to help talented moviemakers achieve the recognition they deserve by awarding movies with unique style, exceptional craft, and the power to communicate. We’re proud to represent NZ film at these awards and find ourselves in such great company.

You can find out more about the Maverick Movie Awards here and view the list of 2010 feature film nominees.


Published December 3rd, 2010 at 9:46 am

Carmel Art & Film Festival – Russian Snark is Official Selection

We were so excited to be at the Carmel Art & Film Festival – attended by Banksy and hosts of others.

Published October 31st, 2010 at 4:43 am