What a great town Wellington is! I’ve had a few days to visit old haunts and catch up with old friends, following the Q and A at the Paramount on Sunday. I lived here from age 20 to 37, and always loved the place, but since then it’s got a lot more funky: fantastic restaurants and bars, not to mention live music and theatre, and Courtenay Place and Cuba Sts on Friday and Saturday night are like one big party. I would advise anyone in their 20’s to move here post haste … and maybe older people wishing to reignite their youthful lust for life!


I’m off to Palmy tomorrow for the next Q and A. I hope I’m not too hung over for the drive – I’m hooking up with the legendary drinkers, Grant and Bryce Campbell (otherwise known as the Steinie Brothers) for a last night libation.


Published June 22nd, 2011 at 9:17 pm

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